What is Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom is a constructivist teaching methodology we will use intensively in Music Education and Teaching.

So you go familiar with it, here you can read a brief document where “Flipped Clasroom” is defined and explained. This way you can better understand what we are going to do in (and out) class, and why!

As an exception, I’ve uploaded this document in Spanish to make easy to understand.

Qué es la Flipped Classroom


How are we going to apply the Flipped Classroom model?

Every week you’ll find in Moodle a “Prelude“, that is, a series of videolectures, online content that you must watch and access to during the days before next class. Some videolectures include questions, and some online resources include activities or tasks you must do before class. Sometimes you’ll find also “Tools”, online resources that will help you both to music learning and to work as a music teacher. You can identify these tools by the subject logo: The Lego Drums: 

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